highvb40The COMET high voltage tester generates an AC voltage of maximum 60/100kV peak. The frequency is that of the line voltage, either 50 or 60Hz. Depending on the selected position of the selector switch, the voltage applied to the test object can be AC or in the DC mode DC+ or DC- (half wave rectification).

The voltage applied to the item to be tested is measured in peak units independent of the position selected at the selector switch. In order to avoid damage to the capacitors to be tested, the DC output voltage is limited to 50kV.

The current ranges show a RMS value in the range of 30 and 1mA for the current flowing through the device being tested. In the AC mode this is true RMS value. In the case of DC this is a pulsating direct current if a resistor is being tested and a periodic charge current if a capacitor is in the test position.

In the 100µA range the leakage current of a capacitor can be measured. It must be noted that the DC voltage applied is pulsed (half wave rectification). Therefore the indicated current is a result of two currents, the leakage current and the charge current. Depending on the capacitance value and the level of the leakage current, the effect of the latter can be ignored.

Depending on the charge current and the leakage current present, the voltage on the capacitor is more or less affected by a ripple. The current shown is the average leakage current, depending on the ripple experienced.


Safety provisions:

  • All high voltage components and connections contained within one envelope
  • Safety interlocks on all access openings
  • No high voltage connection outside the safety enclosure
  • HV zero start feature
  • X-ray radiation shielding
  • Overload protection
  • Grounding bar
  • Provisions for external interlocks

LVO = Low Voltage Option:

  • Reduction of the output voltage to approx. 20 %
  • Increase of the sensitivity of the arc detector
 Type HV 100-30 with LVOType HV 60-50 withLVO
With Low Voltage Option: Part No. 91110 Part No. 91210
Output Voltage:

0 - 100kV peak
0 - 50kV peak(incl. ripple)

0 - 60kV peak
0 - 50kV peak(incl. ripple)
Output Current:

0 - 30mA rms
0 - 1mA

0 - 50mA rms
0 - 1mA
Measurement Currency:


Line Input Requirements: (to be specified at time of order) 220V oder 110V 220V oder 110V
Power Consumption: 2150VA 2150VA
Frequency: 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Modes of Operation:

continuous / pulsed
+/- polarity

continuous / pulsed
+/- polarity
External (optional):
  • voltage measurement
  • voltage source
  • voltage measurement
  • voltage source
Type: HV 100-30 / HV 60-50
Net weight control unit: 28kg
Net weight HV Tank: 200kg
Gross weight HV test unit,
incl. wooden crate
Dimesions HV test unit,
incl. wooden crate:
1400 x 1250 x 800 mm
Length of power cable and
the two interface cables:
Comet HV Tester Abmessung SkizzeComet HV Tester Steuerteil Front AbmessungComet HV Tester Steuerteil Abmessung
All dimensions are in mm
Optional Accessories
External measurement set: 91520
HV cable 100 kV, 3 m: 91530
Remote display unit:  
19" rack: 91541
Voltmeter: 91542
Amperemeter: 91543