According to VDE regulations voltage levels up to 1 kV are referred to as low voltage and over 1 kV as high voltage.
In the electrical power engineering conceptual classifications into subcategories medium voltage, high voltage and extra high voltage are common, the boundaries are not standardized though.
In energy grid structures and systems electrical energy is transferred on high voltage transmission with following standard nominal voltages:

Medium voltage: 3kV, 6kV, 10kV, 15kV, 20kV, 30kV

    Typical applications:
  • Supply individual neighborhoods or towns
  • Direct supply of industrial enterprises and large customers

High voltage: 60 kV, 110 kV

  • Serving smaller cities
  • Overland supply
  • Connection of smaller power plants

Ultra High Voltage: 220 kV, 380 kV, 500 kV, 700 kV, 1150 kV

  • Supply of big cities and large areas
  • Interconnections for national energy exchange
  • Connection of large power plants

PowerSouces provides transformers, chokes and other components and systems for the ultrahigh voltage range up 1150kV. These products are individual unique designs that are designed and implemented in cooperation with the customer. Typical applications include Pulse Generators, Pulse Forming Networks (PFN), Spark Gaps, Marx generators or EMP simulators. Typical products available due to these developments:

  • Coils for Magna-Forming
  • High Voltage Divider
  • HV bushings
  • HV diodes
  • HV load resistors
  • HV plug connections
  • HV power supplies
  • HV resistors
  • HV switch
  • HV test systems
  • HV transformers
  • HV-measuring devices
  • Marx generators
  • PFN
  • Spark Gaps