Insulation Test Unit ISO 25-30/230 The compact high voltage test unit HV 60-30 has been designed with versatility and uppermost safety for the operator in mind.

The general purpose high voltage AC and DC source is designed primarily to measure, and where necessary, restore the dielectric strength of vacuum, ceramic and other capacitors and power tubes. With the DC feature, which permits additional testing and evaluation of the capacitors, the unit is ideally suited to test on site other high voltage components, such as resistors, switches, cables, oil quality and other devices, depending on the occasion with AC and DC. The polarity of the DC voltage can be reversed an added feature when measuring power tubes. One important item is, that the voltage is measured directly at the capacitor or device to be measured. There are no cumbersome charts to be consulted. The voltage is measured in peak values. The current can be measured at the same time the voltage is measured. The voltage measuring circuit can also be employed to measure high voltages as generated in a transmitter, AC as well as DC when using an adapter. The same adapter can be used to supply voltages to other devices if insulating parameters must be evaluated outside the test chamber.

The instrument consists of the control part and the high voltage tank. The high voltage tank contains all high voltage generating components, series resistors (200kV), rectifiers and sealed HV-switch. No high voltage is accessible and exposed to the outside. Interior part of the HV-Tank also is the test chamber which has all connections required to test capacitors. Because of the compact construction of the test chamber, corona might be heard from 20kV on depending on the present voltage applied.

Tests of components can only be performed when the test chamber is completely closed. No voltage can be applied unless the cover for the test chamber is properly in place and locked.

The voltage is continuously variable up to 25 peak AC or DC. In the AC mode the unit can be operated in the continuous mode or pulsed. The pulsed mode is especially designed for spot-knocking of vacuum components such as vacuum capacitors and power tubes.

Whenever a vacuum discharge is fed by a low impedance source such as a RF power system, the results usually are devastating. The HV 25-30 is especially designed to test vacuum components on site prior to the installation of same into a RF power source. This precautionary procedure reduces the risk of possible discharges considerably after extended shelf life or down time of the system.

Input Voltage 220VAC 50/60Hz
or 110V/60Hz
Output Voltage
DC: 0-20kV      max. 1mA
AC: 0-25kVp    max. 30mA
LVO Option included
Dimensions 445 x 600 x 700 mm
(w x h x d)
Weight 80 kg